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Technology in Practice: Anshen + Allen: Mills-Peninsula Medical Center

February 12, 2008 | 12:00PM - 1:30 PM | Pacific Time

Tony Rinella, CIO
Anshen + Allen

Mark Tiscornia, Architect Designer
Anshen + Allen

Thomas M. Simmons
President, ARCHVISTA Building Technologies

Location: Online


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The San Francisco office of Anshen + Allen, an international architecture firm and a leader in healthcare design, was tasked with building one of the most seismically safe and family-friendly hospitals in the country. The firm used ArchiCAD and other advanced technologies to design a hospital that can withstand an earthquake up to the magnitude of at least 8.0.

When constructed, the medical center will be the first base isolated hospital in Northern California, meaning that it is built upon friction pendulum bearings utilizing seismic dampers so that it can remain operational after a major disaster. The building will be able to move up to 30 inches horizontally and 2 inches vertically without incurring major damage during an earthquake.

Mills Peninsula was highly successful in merging the plans of the architects and every contracting profession - from construction to mechanical and electrical - to generate a 3D model of the entire project. Anshen + Allen utilized ArchiCAD's technology to generate a 3D representation and corresponding construction documents of a building, all linked to a single database that is easily updateable by anyone involved in the project.

Join Anshen + Allen to learn how:

  • Advanced technology was used to provide the highest level of earthquake safety, coupled with countless energy-saving and earth-friendly features
  • ArchiCAD was paired with NavisWorks? to run clash detection tests and reduce conflicts prior to construction
  • BIM helped achieve significant time and cost savings

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