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ArchiCAD 16

ArchiCAD 16 Frequently Asked Questions

ArchiCAD 16 fundamentally changes the possibilities the average user has to obtain custom BIM Components for their BIM projects. ArchiCAD’s new modeling capabilities, connected with the cloud-based BIM Component database allow users to create, search, upload, and download custom BIM components of their choice. The fully-integrated web portal makes sharing BIM components a core community function. also provides a central “marketplace” for all GDL objects to directly reach ArchiCAD users when they need those objects the most.

What are the new features of ArchiCAD 16?

Morph Tool, Transform Existing Elements Into Morphs, Transform Morphs Into Objects, Free Graphical Editing of Morphs, Integrated Energy Evaluation, Automatic Model Geometry Analysis, Single Thermal Block Energy Model, Space Boundary Categories, Multiple Energy Model Visualization Options, Export Geometry in Excel Format, Export Second-Level Space Boundary Data via IFC, Extensive Built-in Building Material Lists, MEP System Lists, Green System and Energy Source Lists, Import Analytic Weather Data Files, Gridded Climate Information from the Online Weather Server, Quick Energy Evaluation Report, Certified VIPCore Engine Calculation, Improved Search Function for Finding Library Parts Faster in the Loaded, Embedded and BIM Server Libraries and on the Internet, BIM Components Portal, One Click Object Download and Embed, Drag & Drop Objects from the BIM Components Portal, Share Objects, Evaluate and Recommend Objects, All Model-Based Library Parts Can be Saved from the Floor Plan and 3D Window, Any Projection Can Be Used When Saving Library Parts from the 3D Window, Library Parts' Basic Attributes can be Defined When Saving Them, Input Elements Anywhere in 3D Space, Offset Editing Planes Before Placement, Place New Objects at Any Clicked Point, Snap to Surface in 3D Window, Move and Elevate in One Step, Lock Input to Editing Plane, Easier Access to Plane-switching Buttons,“Next Plane” Option, Zoom-sensitive Gridlines, New “Smart Cursor” Variants, Improved 3D Feedback for Split Command, Use Cutting Plane at Any Angle for Morphs, Split Morphs in Section View, Easy-to-use Rotate Command with Protractor Feedback, Merged Rotate and Free Rotate Commands in 3D, Better Project Location Definition, Define Project North Within the Building Model, Expanded Project Info Dialog Box, Expanded Teamwork Backup Options (BIM Project Backup, PLN Backup and Automatic Server Backup), Easy Recovery of Backups, Assign Thermal Properties to ArchiCAD Fills, Faster Hotlink Updates, Descriptions for All Library Parts, New Library Part Preview Pictures, New and Improved Objects Support for Office Design, New and Merged Lamp Types, Updated Plumbing Fixtures, New and Updated Building Structure Objects, Updated Railing Objects and People 2D Symbols, New Bollard Types, Simplified Taps, New Coordinate Object, New and Scale Sensitive Zone Stamp, Streamlined Label Options, Story Sensitive Display of Library Parts, New Door/Window Folder Structures and Names, Rationalization of Door and Window Objects, New Opening Types and UI for Special Windows, New Opening Types for Basic Windows, Variable Window Frame Widths, New Window Sash Type, Window Reveal Improvements, New Sliding Doors, New Sash Types for Door Sidelights, New Opening Types for Door Sidelight and Transom Sashes, New Handle Types, Pocket frame, Updated Storefront Doors, Door Casing with Roller Shutter, Use Find & Select on all IFC Properties, List IFC Properties in the Interactive Schedule, Display IFC Properties Just for Visible Elements, Import/Export Custom IFC Property Schemes, “One-Click” Custom IFC Property Assignment to All Elements, Quick IFC Property Editing, Support for Multiple IFC Standards, New IFC Assignments ("Space Occupant", "Actor"), IFC Classification Reference for Elements and Zones, Built-in and Custom Data Rules for Automated, Standard-Specific IFC Classification Reference Definition, IFC properties and Attributes Can Be Queried Through the ODBC Interface, IFC Properties and Attributes Can Be Extracted on the ArchiCAD API Interface, Filter Imported IFC Sites, Smarter Import of IFC Site Geometry, Better IFC Performance, Unchanged DWG Blocks Remain Intact Upon Roundtrip Conversion, Preserve Original DWG Block Positions, Smarter Handling of Zone Data when Exporting to DXF/DWG, Smart DWG Export of Rotated Views

When will ArchiCAD 16 ship?

ArchiCAD 16 will be released on May 30, 2012, with shipment to customers beginning within a few weeks after the official release. Following a tight release schedule, all 26 local versions are planned to reach the market by the end of Q3 2012.

What are the System Requirements for ArchiCAD 16?

Please visit our Support page for detailed information on the system requirements for ArchiCAD 16.

What will happen with my existing EcoDesigner license in ArchiCAD 16?

GRAPHISOFT has been the pioneer of sustainable design with first of its kind BIM integrated EcoDesignerTM product line. ArchiCAD 16 upsets the status quo by turning “green” into an absolute core function of BIM. With ArchiCAD 16 EcoDesigner ceases to be an “add-on” product and its core functionality becomes a fully integrated, easy to use organic part of every standard ArchiCAD installation. Extending every standard ArchiCAD BIM model with sustainability information will also provide the basis for extended energy calculation and energy certification with an advanced sustainable product in the works (EcoDesigner STAR). This future product will be rolled out during the release cycle of ArchiCAD 16 with support for various local and global energy certification standards such as LEED etc.

What will happen with my existing MEP Modeler license in ArchiCAD 16?

The GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler add-on's compatibility upgrade will be available as a free download to all GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler users who upgrade their ArchiCAD license to V16. No functional developments in this compatibility update will be released.

What should engineers do with the Revit IFC I/O plug-ins in AC 16?

The free downloadable add-ins for Revit Structure and Revit MEP, developed by GRAPHISOFT, help map architectural and engineering models through the IFC-based export/import process between Revit and ArchiCAD. These add-ins are created for Revit and in this sense are independent from ArchiCAD releases.

What is unique about the new MORPH tool in ArchiCAD 16?

Custom objects, components, and structures require a tool with extraordinary modeling flexibility. ArchiCAD 16 introduces direct modeling capabilities into the native BIM environment with its brand new MORPHTM tool. MORPH allows element creation with any custom geometry in an intuitive, graphical way, featuring popular modeling techniques such as push & pull. The MORPH tool has no geometric limitation; every edge, point and surface can be moved and shaped freely and textures can be fine-tuned on every surface. MORPH elements can be created from scratch simply by drawing a 3D polygon or by converting any existing ArchiCAD element or element group. The MORPH tool provides an optimal solution throghout the whole architectural workflow for creating custom BIM components, custom structures, and custom elements of the built environment as well as custom-designed building interiors and your own custom library elements as MORPHs can be saved as GDL elements together with their basic parameter set. MORPH elements are full-fledged ArchiCAD components that appear in all ArchiCAD views and lists and can be classified for structural or MEP export, making this new tool a complete solution for creating custom shapes of any type.

How does ArchiCAD 16 advance OPEN collaboration?

ArchiCAD 16 supports IFC 2x3 Coordination View, which is currently the most implemented view of the IFC format. By supporting new IFC data types such as Classification Reference, Space Occupant and Actor, IFC export can comply with other IFC model view definitions. Although IFC properties can be numerous, their management is now easier than before. The fact that IFC properties are native ArchiCAD properties means that all well-known ArchiCAD editing workflows can be used when working with them: search for them using Find & Select, list them in Interactive Element Schedules, assign them with one click to any element, or filter them by model visibility in the IFC Manager. Additional features such as the smart import of IFC Site geometry also enhance the 3D model-based data exchange with other open BIM applications.

What are the differences between the different versions of ArchiCAD?

ArchiCAD 16 ®
New Features Timeline
ArchiCAD 16
ArchiCAD 15
ArchiCAD 14
ArchiCAD 13
ArchiCAD 12
ArchiCAD 11
Doors/Windows Fit to Slanted and Complex Wall Surfaces + + + + + +
Complex Multi-story Elements + + + + + +
Priority-Based Dynamic Wall-wall Intersection on Floor-plan + + + + + +
Reshaping Elements in Any View + + + + + +
Curved Profiled Walls + + + + + +
Curved Complex Elements + + + + + +
Curtain Wall Tool + + + + +
Curtain Wall Editing in Any View - Reference Line, Height + + + +
Slab/Roof Edge Custom Settings + + + +
Use Any Number of Layers in Composite Elements + + +
Shell Tool + +
Multi-Plane Roof + +
Model Element Connections Management + +
Associative Skylights + +
Morph Tool +
Solid Morph Operations and Object Smoothing +
Visualization / 3D Exploration
3D Zones Geometry Fit to Complex Elements + + + + + +
Virtual Tracing - Reference Layer among all Views, Layouts + + + + + +
Transparency in OpenGL + + + + + +
Partial Structure Display + + + + +
Oriented View - Rotate the entire view + + + +
Ruler - Easier Editing and Layout Creation + + + +
Context Sensitive Smart Cursor + + + +
Shadows in OpenGL + + +
Input Constraints Functionality + + +
3D Editing Plane + +
3D Feedback with Working Plane, 3D Guidelines + +
Snap to Surface in 3D Window +
Move and Elevate in One Step +
Smart 3D Feedback for Rotate and Split Commands +
Automated Parametric (GDL) Associative Titles + + + + + +
Worksheet Tool + + + + + +
3D Document: Dimensioned and Annotaded 3D Views + + + + +
Symbolic "Soft" Insulation - Improved Drafting Quality + + + +
Interactive, Annotated Door/Window Schedules + + + +
Automatic Dimensioning + + + +
Scale Dependant Detailing + + + +
Layout Book + + +
Dimension Text Prefix and Suffix + + +
Convert Surveyor’s Data into ArchiCAD Mesh + + +
Interactive Schedule into Excel + + +
Simple Export of Different Plan Types + +
Renovation Feature, Element-level Statusing + +
Import Site Survey Geometry as Morphs +
Workflow-Productivity-Project Management
Pre-selection: Hover-Over-Element Information Highlight + + + + + +
Integrated Layouting Replaces PlotMaker + + + + + +
Tracker: Numeric-Coordinate Input Box Follows Cursor + + + + + +
Virtual Trace References as Underlay in Any View or Layout + + + + + +
Support for 3D Connexion Space Navigator Device + + + + + +
Quantities of Individual Element Components + + + + + +
License Borrowing + + + +
Native 64-bit ArchiCAD on Windows OS + + + +
Offset Functionality + + +
Native 64-bit ArchiCAD on MacOS + +
Supersafe Autosave + +
Assign Thermal Properties to ArchiCAD Fills +
Access 10 000's of Objects via the BIM Components Portal +
Easy Creation of Custom Library Parts with Modifiable Attributes +
Integrated Building Energy Evaluation +
Communication, I/O
AutoCAD DWG/DXF Import/Export + + + + + +
XREF Layers Arranged Separated + + + + + +
Save as PDF Command + + + + + +
Standard Steel Profile Database + + + +
Element Classification (Type, Function, Position) + + +
Partial Structure Display by Load-Bearing Function + + +
IFC Translators + + +
IFC Export of 2D Elements + + +
Support for ZIP Format of IFC 2x3 + + +
"Detect IFC Model Changes" Function + + +
IFC Data Integrated as Native ArchiCAD Data + +
IFC Export in Surface Geometry (Presentation View) Model VIew + +
"Merge to IFC Model" Function + +
"Find & Select" and Element Scheduling of IFC Data +
"IFC Scheme Setup" Function +
IFC DAta: Classification Reference, Space Occupant, Actor +
Rules for Automated IFC Classification and Property +
Access to IFC Data (ODBC Driver/ArchiCAD API +
Library Container Files (.lcf) - File Storage Format + + + + + +
Objects Saved Embedded in the Project + + + +
Model View Options for Library Parts + + + +
Embed Only Necessary Library Objects + + +
Library Migration + + +
Library Management + + +
Intuitive Search Function Finds Library Parts in All Active Libraries +
Furniture Layout Objects +
Door/Window Rationalization and New Folder Structure +
Story Sensitive Display of Library Parts +
Teamwork & BIM Server
Teamwork Extended to Documentation Process - Layouts + + + + + +
BIM Server - Model Based Team Collaboration + + + +
Reservation Methods + + + +
Instant Team Communication + + + +
Remote Project Management + + + +
Delta-Server for Fast and Safe Data Exchange in Teamwork + + + +
BIM Server Performance Monitor + + +
Control Over Client-Server Technology + + +
64-bit BIM Server on MacOS + + +
Portability and Remote Access + + +
BIM Server Optimized: Autosave Backup, Faster Performance + +
BIM Project Backups to Restore BIM Server-related Data +
PLN Format Backups to Quickly Recoper Data in ArchiCAD +