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"GREEN" Now an Organic Part of Architecture

Green design has been embraced openly by many architectural firms worldwide. They appreciate the value and financial sense of developing a truly green design and architects who actively take 'green' decisions early on are saving their clients real money, now and in the future. EcoDesigner coupled with ArchiCAD's open standards place the Virtual Building™ at the heart of energy analysis.

EcoDesigner in the Press

AECMAGAZINE, US - EcoDesigner & Virtual Building Explorer - by Martyn Day

Originating from Hungary in 1982, GRAPHISOFT's ArchiCAD is the most mature 3D Building Information Modelling solution on the market. With a very loyal installed base over Europe and America, the company regularly produces updates and add-ons. Martyn Day evaluates two of the latest enhancements.

CAD User AEC Magazine, US - EcoDesigner - by David Chadwick

GRAPHISOFT's EcoDesigner has a neat twist with its energy evaluation results, says David Chadwick. As well as showing you how your proposed building will perform, it will also graphically illustrate how many hectares of rainforest will be needed to absorb the carbon dioxide you will be churning out.

V1 Magazine, Germany - EcoDesigner - by Miklos Sved

Architectural design decisions can significantly impact energy efficiency and can result in substantial operational cost reductions over the lifecycle of a building. To achieve these benefits a new software has been developed that helps designers and architects to model building energetics performance at the critical early design stage. Now design options can easily be evaluated prior to construction for performance efficiency. EcoDesigner is a next generation design tool that brings energy efficiency to the forefront of architectural design. Let "Green" Become an Organic Part of the Architectural Design Workflow.

achitosh, US - Green BIM: Sustainable Design with Building Information Modeling by Matthew Brewster

EcoDesigner is a new plug-in for GRAPHISOFT's BIM application, ArchiCAD. As soon as a design takes shape, comparative energy reports can be generated with a click. The resulting reports give feedback about the buildings energy usage, yearly utility costs, and carbon footprint.

achitosh, US - AIA: Talking to Viktor Varkonyi about EcoDesigner by Anthony Frausto-Robledo LEED AP

EcoDesigner, which will be released at the end of May, is a GRAPHISOFT add-on software module to its award-winning BIM application ArchiCAD. What primarily sets this application apart from similar energy analysis applications is that it works directly inside ArchiCAD, thereby eliminating the need to export BIM data out to another software package in order to obtain feedback on the design with respect to energy.

AECbytes, US - Sustainable Design Tools Exhibited at AIA 2009 by Lachmi Khemlani

One of the most significant announcements related to sustainable design at the AIA show this year came from GRAPHISOFT, which launched a new energy evaluation tool, EcoDesigner, that works inside of ArchiCAD. It is the only analysis application so far that is fully integrated within a BIM application, allowing ArchiCAD users an easy way to analyze the energy performance of a proposed building design in the earliest design phases, when the most critical decisions that influence energy performance are made.

cadalyst, US - Event Report: AIA 2009 Convention and Design Exposition by Kenneth Wong

GRAPHISOFT is adding an energy analysis feature to ArchiCAD, its flagship architectural design solution. Made available via a button integrated in the ArchiCAD interface, GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner is literally a single-click solution.

ARCHITECHTONLINE - GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner - 'Green' Becomes Organic Part of the Architectural Design Workflow by PRNewswire

GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner is an integrated, easy-to-use energy evaluation tool for architects. EcoDesigner enables architects to control the energy consumption of their buildings, and sets new standards in sustainable design, making ArchiCAD the leading software solution for contemporary architectural demands.