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The GRAPHISOFT BIMx is an innovative, interactive, 3D presentation tool for architects, which sets new standards for design communication and presentation.

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BIMx for captivating presentations for clients

Using GRAPHISOFT BIMx and ArchiCAD architects and designers can explore their project designs with greater clarity than ever before.

Real-time 3D navigation in an architectural design – enhanced with gravity, layer control, fly-mode, egress recognition and pre-saved walkthroughs for the ultimate design exploration.

Element information – surface finishes, volumes, sizes and quantities – can also be displayed with a click of the mouse. Exact measurements can be taken during the real-time walkthrough to help design decisions and forecast cost related design issues.


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BIMx provides shaded, Open-GL or Global Illumination view styles combined with grayscale, hidden-line or edge-outlined presentation modes for the ultimate design understanding and communication.

The Sun altitude and azimuth; the camera height and viewing cone as well as the image brightness and transparency can be altered for professional project presentation and design communication.

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BIMx for better project communication

Users can choose from a wide range of model view styles:

  • Simple rendering styles such as "Goraud" and "Metal" allow fast and smooth navigation in very large models even with basic video cards.
  • The built-in shaded Open-GL rendering engine ensures professional presentation quality with cast shadows and realistic surface textures. Edge outline can also be activated to provide greater contrast between elements.
  • The "Global Illumination" mode - produced by the built-in radiosity rendering engine allows even more realistic visualization – incorporating soft shadows and diffuse inter-reflections.
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BIMx for interactive consultation with clients at remote locations

Share your design intent and the architectural project with virtually anyone without installing any application or learning any new software. Since BIMx stores the projects in an unprotected, self-running application file format, viewers don't need to hold a license of GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD or BIMx to navigate in the models.

All stakeholders - clients, consultants, builders, etc. - can explore and fully understand the entire architectural project design at any stage of the design development process in a user friendly 3D navigation environment.

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BIMx for ArchiCAD 15

The latest release of BIMx (formerly called Virtual Building Explorer) works exclusively with ArchiCAD 15 version. BIMx for ArchiCAD 15 supports all the operating systems that are compatible with the latest ArchiCAD release. Virtual Building Explorer customers should contact their ArchiCAD reseller for upgrade pricing and policy.

Starting with ArchiCAD 15 the BIMx application is integrated part of the default ArchiCAD installation. This policy applies for both the commercial ArchiCAD versions shipped on DVD-s and the educational and trial versions downloaded from the MyArchiCAD website.

For the commercial and trial users of AchiCAD without a license of BIMx the application is installed in trial mode. The trial version works for 30 days and allows the users to save trial BIMx project files on their local computer. Trial version BIMx files can only be played on the local computer where they were created.

System requirements:
Please check the system requirements in the BIMx User Guide.


Please contact your local ArchiCAD reseller for more information.

System Requirements for Viewing Flash Movies and PDF Documents

Download Adobe Flash Player - You need to have the free Flash Player installed and JavaScript enabled in your browser to play the movies.

Download Adobe Reader - To open the downloadable PDF documents, you need to have a PDF viewer application installed on your computer.